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09-09-2004, 09:59 PM
With my Grade 12 year coming up, I wanted to get a good desk that I can work at and still have my monitor on. I was ideally looking at an IKEA Jerker. Looks a little like this:


Let me know what you might have. Pics/Prices (keep in mind I am a student!!) would be very much appreciated.

Thanks allot guys,


09-15-2004, 10:36 PM
bump, no one has desks?

Gondi Stylez
09-16-2004, 09:38 AM
i just got my L-shped desk from staples for 150!

it has TONZ of room and im in uni and use it all the time!!

i was also looking at that desk from ikea but for the $$ goin up w/ every add one you get its retarded!

mine had a compuuter tabl;e w/ pull out, and corner unit for printer/scanner and a table w/ shelf! ill post pics when i get so u get the idea!

09-16-2004, 04:12 PM
cant do much better than this


ps neil pm me


09-16-2004, 04:26 PM
Hey Guys, thanks so much, this is an absolutely fantastic desk at an UNBELIVABLE price, Thanks again!

Gondi Stylez
09-16-2004, 11:19 PM

thas mine