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09-22-2004, 12:43 AM
Hey guys, I decided to hold off upgrading my computer until the summer hits. Considering I'm a full time University student, I won't be having much time for games anyways. But I am in need of a new digicam, so I'm trying to sell a whole bunch of stuff to minimize the damage to my wallet. Please note that I live up in the N.W. and I will not be traveling out of my quadrent of the city to sell anything. I'm usually pretty busy so I'll only be able to make transactions during the weekends, unless you can meet me somewhere close to my house in the evenings. Anyways, here's the stuff that's up for grabs. If the prices seem wierd, it's because I haven't really checked up how much this stuff should cost, so I'm kind of just estimating. If you think sumthing costs too much or too little, i'd appreciate a heads up. I'll update the prices over the next few days.


1. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Self Paced Training Manual, and Official Documentation. Includes 4CD's. 80$.

2. Printer, BJC-250lite. No pwr. cable or cartridge. 7$.

** 16x CDROM -- 7$ **

3. Software and Games:

Need For Speed Underground PC. 32$.

Command and Conquer (CD2). Free with any purchase...
Birth of the Federation. 5$.
Dirt Track Racing. 5$.
Test Drive 6. 5$.
Harley Davidson Race Across USA. 5.$
(I'll sell this as a package for 12$.)

Webster's Millenium International CD Encyclopedia. 6$.
Microsoft Encarta 97' Encyclopedia. 5$.
Microsoft Bookshelf 96'-97' Ed. 5$.
Microsoft Money 98'. 5$.
3D Home Interiors 2.0. 10$.
(I'm willing to sell this as a package for 22$)

Quick Tax 2002 (Installed, but never used). 10$.
602 Pro PC Suite <Like Office, but no name brand>. 10$
Advanced Reading Course <Learn to speed read>. 7$.

3. Internet & World Wide Web Book for NEWBS... 10$.

4. SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 24hrs... (It took me 5 months) 10$.


1. PS1. Good condition. Mod Chipped. 20+ games... Notably GT1 and GT2. DDR. I have a dancepad as well, but there must be a broken connection somewhere inside... Metal Gear Solid. Final Fantasy VII. There are so many games I have for this, too many to list. 2 Controllers. Possibly A/V cables if I can spare them. And a power cable. The power cable is a little bit twichy sometimes. I want to sell this entire thing as a package for 105$. I may sell individual games if ppl really want them.

2. Fuzzbuster 3000 Radar Detector. This thing works ok, but sometimes gives false indications... but it'll tell you for sure if they're gunning. I like the unit, but I broke off one of the suction cups on it, so if u buy it, you'll have to grab some from walmart or sumthin. I paid 74$ last summer, so i'll let it go for 30$ right now. Considering I only drive on weekends now, I can make do without one.

3. I have a big collection of books up for sale. Lot of Star Trek Novels, I have a Star Wars EP I Hardcover I can let go for 15$. All the novels I have are up for 7$. Very good condition. I have a Tom Clancy Bear and the Dragon HC I can let go for 17$. I also have a myriad of comic books let me know and I'll check for you.

4. <This item is tentatively for sale... If I can sell a few items here, and I know I'll be able to get a new DigiCam for sure, then I will be selling my old one, feel free to put dibs on it, I'll try and hold it for you in the order that I revieve requests.>
Samsung DigiMax 240. 2.0megapixel Digital Camera. 6x Total Zoom, 3x Optical, 2x Digital. Movie Mode, no sound. Video Out. Comes with storage drivers, and software photosuite. Program AE. 1.6" TFT Screen. USB. No case, but I can include a fabric case with it. This was my first ever digital camera. I was very impressed by the quality of the images, they're totally comprable to normal photos on a still camera. This camera served me well over the last year, I have tons of sample pics I can show you guys. Just ask me for a specific type, like indoor or outdoor... The camera comes with 8mb storage, and it can hold 12-15 highest quality pictures on it's own. If you set it to med. resolution quality, you can easily hit 20 pics. I recommend using rechargable NiMH batteries with this camera, they last so much longer than conventional batteries. Original Box, Instructions, and Software included. 115$.

(BTW: Check up the futureshop website, they sell the Samsung Digimax 220 there for 140$ brand new, has all the same features as this one, and mine's a 240.)

10-09-2004, 01:29 PM
Hey man, EB Games is sellin' NFS Underground for $20 brand new.

Don't wanna lowball ya or anything but would you take $10 for it?

10-09-2004, 04:49 PM
LOL wtf?! Its was like 60$ brand new... u better be serious tho... I'll sell it for 15$, cuz it's seriously not worth my time to run out to get this over to you for 10... If u still want it, we can meet up at crowfoot crossing or sumthing. let me know.

10-12-2004, 11:53 AM
I know! This is why I always get pirated ones first, check it out, then when it's no longer new, go buy the real stuff. =) Saves a lot of money and allows me to play at the same time.

Yea, I'll take it off ya for $15. Pm me with your contact info or email me at [email protected]

10-12-2004, 07:47 PM
Yea hes right. Its $24 at EB Games.

10-12-2004, 11:10 PM
ya pc games have a HUGE drop in value when u want to sell used because of all the pirating.

10-12-2004, 11:50 PM
and after they have been out for a while, they get super cheap as well and get packaged with other games in a suite

10-14-2004, 09:46 AM
Yea, I got the entire NFS series with NFS 2 all the way through to NFS High Stakes II (5 Games total) for 20 some dollars.