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09-25-2004, 08:01 PM
:thumbsup: Hi Guys. I am driving through to Lethbridge area from October 10th -14th for a mini holiday. I am looking in to the possibility of moving there so it's great news to me that there are still 2 nuts on the prairies. Hmmm! let me put that another way.....I was wondering if you guys can give me information on the job market around lethbridge & also where to drive or where not to drive. What's car insurance cost compared to ICBC? Any information is welcome. If you have anything scheduled during those dates please let me know & I will try & meet up. Thanks & Cheers

09-26-2004, 01:03 PM
Welcome 2much, youll find that insurance here is wayyy more than in BC. Hopefully the new insurance regulations effective October 2004 will have change that but here are some examples.
MK1 mr2 no collision coverage clean record: $180/month
MK1 full coverage clean record: $250/month
MK2 mr2 no collision coverage clean record: $220/month
MK2 full coverage clean record: $300/month

With a couple of tickets expect to pay in excess of $300/month

As you can see we get jacked

09-26-2004, 01:41 PM
My advice... Just be weary of where you park... Lethbridge is pretty safe.... Calgary I wouldn't park at UofC or Mount Royal due to many vehicle thefts or parts getting stolen.

I don't know what kind of job you're looking for in Lethbridge. If you're willing to drive around to small town and rural Alberta, there are lots of jobs on oil rigs.

09-26-2004, 02:07 PM
cool I'm in lethbridge too, shoot me an email when you're in town

as for insurance it all depends on you record and other background info

for example I had

87 mr2 full coverage
2001 nissan frontier S/C full coverage
1992 ford explorer full coverage

total cost $2200/year

biggest thing is over 25, married and clean accident record. oh yeah speeding tickets here in alberta will raise your insurance as well

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09-26-2004, 05:09 PM
OUCH! $3000./year for insurance! That seems strange seeing as Alberta should have one of the lowest claim rates except for Edmonton. BC's rates are approximately as follows: Basic minimum liability ($500,000.) Comprehensive with $300. deductible - Premium $1100./year
Tickets are about $125.00 each going up with the amount over the limit. After 2 tickets per year you pay the ticket amount & an insurance 'adjustment.' Each year ticket & accident free can get you a 10% discount up to a maximum of 43% off your rates. Collision coverage will cost about $500. per year for our cars with a deductible of about $500.
Also, I am looking for Black interior pieces if anyone has any for sale.

09-26-2004, 06:21 PM
If you are young here is an example of my insurance history.

Turned 16, got my 95 Acura Integra, insured it under my moms name, PLPD Fire and Theft, cost me 6500 per year. Stayed with them for one month lol.

My mom and i switched insurance companies then paid 4400 per year.

Bought the MR2, then it dropped to 3900 Per year. This is not full coverage again. Just fire and theft and one way.

October it should be 1900 per year for the same coverage.


09-26-2004, 09:04 PM
Originally posted by SteveG

total cost $2200/year

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sorry guess i should've been clear, that was 2200/year for ALL 3 vehicles, not each