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12-03-2004, 05:40 PM
Hey guys, a couple quick questions, Ive asked probably 3-4 different specialists and read alot of different things on proper storage of a car and these are the key points Ive been made aware of. I just wanted some of your guys opinions on it.

-Really clean car inside and out
-Full Gas tank
-New Oil
-Lift if off the ground (heard this isnt necassary from alot of sources as well though)
-Charged Battery (Keep it charged)
-Tire Pressure (read overinflate and underinflate...)
-Dust cover
-When I start it in the summer remove Spark plug wires and turn car over until Oil light goes out, then start it up normally.

I dont think Im going to lift it off the ground and I dont think Im going to worry about the tire pressure but everything else is already done or not as important. Any suggestions?

12-03-2004, 07:46 PM
Moth balls or something to keep the mice out

12-03-2004, 08:20 PM
Hello Eb0la11,

I've been storing/parking my MR2 during the winter months for many years counting now. Like your research, I've discovered different people have different techniques for preparing their vehicles for the hibernation months. There are a few core "must do's" but ultimately, the steps you choose to prepare your own car depends on where you plan on storing your MR2 (indoor/outdoor), when will it be stored till, and who if anyone can make the commitment to attend to your car while its parked.

Don't know if you read this yet but theres a nice article written up on www.TRDOttawa.com on "winter storage" that provides very good guidelines. The only point I practice differently is that I DO start up my car every so often. In my opinion and experience, it keeps the fluids moving and minimizes deterioration of various seals (due to lack of lubrication and/or stagnant fluids) and mechanical components. If you have A/C, turn it "on" to give the compressor and refrigerant a good run. Even if it's possible, run your power windows, CD, power antenna ... everything! You may also want to consider plugging your exhaust tips to prevent rodents from claiming a new home.

And to answer some of the points you made:
1) yes, I also keep my car clean and dry both inside and out. You may also take this opportunity to condition your leather seats (if you have leather) and just let it soak in for the months. Come summer, your seats will be much softer.
2) I also keep my gas tank full. In addition, I also use fuel stabilizer as my car is usually parked for 6-7 months. Some people like to keep their gas tanks near empty just so that they can have a fresh tank of gas when they do insure their cars again. Others argue about condensation build-up. I've tried both and my suggestions would point back to the where your MR2 will be parked and whether there will be temperature fluctuations daily (ie parked outdoors). If so, you may be better off with a full tank.
3) New oil/old oil ... I've tried both ... for the small amount of money to spend on an oil change, definetely a good idea.
4) Putting the car up on stands to me really only accomplishes the fact that your tires won't develop flatspots. Your suspension is designed and engineered to hold the weight of your vehicle 365 days a year. I don't jack up my MR2!
5) keeping a trickle charger on your battery will certainly extend its life. Otherwise, at the very least remove the battery terminals off the battery to minimize drain.
6) Tire pressure once again affects flat spotting. So depends what you do in 4) above, otherwise I usually overinflate slightly and every so often I will move the car so the tires sit on a different patch.
7) dust cover? If you park outdoors, consider getting a quality breathable car cover. You may also want to consider tarping it on top of the car cover to keep the water away. But every so often, you should try to open it all up just to ensure no moisture is trapped underneath. If you're parking indoors, dust doesn't hurt a car, just makes it look less shiny. Nonetheless, still a good idea I guess.
8) removing spark plug wires upon start-up? I guess the idea behind that is to ensure proper lubrication before actual ignition.

The only other thing to add is security. If you're parked in a public place, you may choose to remove/disable something in your vehicle to render it un-startable. Some people pull fuses/spark plug wires etc. These are quite typical ... try something different and don't post what you did either. Good luck.

12-04-2004, 07:13 PM
Thanks for the responses guys, my car is in my garage but it is not heated so the temperature is flucuating. I have racing tireds on the car right now, Z-rated so I can imagine the flat spot will be pretty noticeable relatively soon. Think I should bother changing them to my other regular tires or just moving it every so often will work? Other than that I think Im almost set, the only other thing I need to worry about that I can think of is the battery, is it not possible to leave it in and just charge it come summertime?

12-04-2004, 07:21 PM
Make sure the battery is in a warm area otherwise it will freeze which causes it to expand and destroy the battery like when you put a coke can in the frieezer. make sure the battery isnt sitting on concrete either, concrete floors can kill batteries. dont ask me why