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12-18-2004, 10:49 AM

Owen Developments, the company behind the FQ power upgrades for Mitsubishi's Evo VIII, has unveiled a bespoke system of its own. Available initially for Evo IV to VII models, this was developed on the company's own Evo VIII demonstrator - which now screams out a barely believable 450bhp and 400lb ft.

'We expect prices to start in the region of 2160 for the basic turbo kit,' said MD Brian Owen, 'but it will depend very much upon the current state of tune and how sound the engine and clutch are already. Either myself or Mark Harrison, our Performance Centre Manager, will talk to each potential customer about their car before we can give them an expected final cost.' Work will normally be carried out in the company's own Oxfordshire facility, though Owen also has a network of specialists around the UK to call if demand requires.

As if that's not enough, the company is also finalising not one but two tuning packages for the Mini One. The first, which is intended for road use, ups power from the standard 1.6-litre engine to 145bhp (from 90) and torque to 118lb ft (from 101) - a very handy increase indeed. Cost is 1840, which sounds like a lot when you consider the initial purchase cost of the vehicle itself, but it's cheap as chips (chips, geddit, etc etc) when you consider that the second package costs a rather startling 4785.

For this money, you'd expect a lot, so it's just as well that you most certainly do. The standard fuel injection system is replaced by four throttle bodies, while a modified cylinder head, competition camshaft and a MoTeC stand-alone ECU are also fitted; power output once this lot has gone on is 175bhp, while torque leaps to 138.5lb ft, with predictable results - if you're turning a standard Mini, don't expect this to be the limit of your expenditure, because you'll also need to enhance the brakes, suspension and transmission to get the best from it.

Alternatively, you could slap it on there for a very competent street sleeper indeed. Only advised if you have a lot of self-discipline, of course... but still, who among us wouldn't enjoy turning our local boy racer into a pillar of salt first time he pulls up alongside us at the lights?


12-18-2004, 10:53 AM
If this is old news, (article dates back to June!), why is the FQ400 such a big deal? :dunno: