View Full Version : need some mr2 help

12-20-2004, 07:57 AM
sup everyone I own a 88 sc and i got a problem

My idle bounces up and down all the time and it gets really annoying and loud. People look at my car like wtf is this guy driving lol

well I been reading a little bit and I heard this is caused by air in the coolant system?

Well I was wondering where I can get this done ( not a the local lube shop cost too much for me right now )

I was wondering if anyone knows anyone that has knowledge and knows how to bleed the coolant system?

Place or person will need to be in edmonton thanks

Obviously I will pay whoever helps me out thanks alot

12-22-2004, 02:41 AM
I'm familiar with the cooling system in the MKII Turbo's, but not sure how similiar the system is compared with a MKI SC. I would figure many steps would be very close. Saying that, maybe have a look here if you want to try bleeding the system yourself:

If you're not comfortable with performing the above procedures, then for sure try to seek the expertise of someone local to you to give you a hand. Good luck.