View Full Version : MR-2 G engine 3S-GE

02-07-2005, 08:51 PM
Does anyone please know of a Turbo kit for this engine. the 1990 model. The generaL Chat wasnt quite helpful. Not surprised :rofl: heh jk. Anywhoo plz help me out. I woudl also liek to know if htis is a good engien for turboes. EIther that or i throw a 3S-GTE in there :)

02-07-2005, 09:03 PM
IM sure you can buy a turbo kit off a euro or jdm supplier. I dont know of any american companies however. The 3sge is higher compression than the 3sgte so going to have problems if you start adding forced induction and use pump gas. You could go the way of adding a 4th gen 3sge head with vvt as well as cams, cam gears and other naturally aspirated parts however it may just end up being cheaper to get a 3sgte in there if you want turbo.

One company that I know of that does make a turbo kit for the 3sge is Blitz. Here's what you get:
Complete Package comprising of - K3T Turbo with stainless manifold and remote wastegate, exhaust downpipe, Front mounted intercooler with all pipes and fittings, Thicker steel headgasket, Larger Fuel Injectors and new ecu, Running 0.4bar boost this comprehensive high quality turbo kit produces 260 to 280 PS and a massive increase in much needed torque

The price for 285hp is around $10 000 canadian. If you find that too be too much money they also sell a supercharger kit for $6000 lol