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bent turbo
02-22-2005, 01:52 PM
1990 Bentley Turbo R

Green on Saddle Leather
5200 lbs of smoking power, runs on gasoline or pureed CRX's. Some shiny bits on the inside of engine, remapped ECU, but essentially stock

Amazing handling city and highway for a car that long.
Yes, it's an automatic. Yes it only has 3 speeds. But I can leave in L (low) and run at highway speed. Top speed is just below 150 mph. It will chirp the wheels into 2nd gear.

Free Parking in any city. Park in front of nice Hotel and walk away. 20 bucks for parking back in my pocket. Try that with a Honda and you'll be pulling your wheels out of the impound. Also works for nightclubs with impassible doormen.

As far as the ladies go.....well....you could drive up to a convent and get some action, two-fold.

The other (winter) vehicle
1995 Nissan P-finder.
Remapped, larger valves, h.o. pump, lower gears,
raised 3 inches resting on 33 Baja Claws.

Ginger or Mary-Ann, I have both bases covered.