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03-01-2005, 12:45 AM
well, besides the brake difference between the differing years, the suspension was also revised. i've heard from some that pre-93 is a better car, and i've heard post 93 will handle better, anyone care to straighten this out?

03-01-2005, 01:04 AM
93+ has better brakes and much smoother tranny too.

03-01-2005, 01:06 AM
Originally posted by Ek9Max
93+ has better brakes and much smoother tranny too.

wouldn't the smoother tranny be found on a jdm mr2 as they had gen2 motors?

03-01-2005, 01:22 AM
Here is a list I've noted over the years for the true hardcores:
Comparison differences between a 91/92 MR2 Turbo vs 93 Turbo (there are other differences with non-Turbo models):

-LSD (though listed as an optional item offered in 93, most 93 MR2’s you will find already equipped with LSD ... check the axle code to be sure it has LSD or just lift up the rear end and spin the tires)
-larger brakes front and rear
-larger/wider tires front and rear
-smoother/stronger tranny (triple-cone synchromesh in 2nd gear; double-cone synchromesh in 3rd and Reverse gears)

- caster trail increased
- lower trailing arm extended
- strut attachment to body has been lowered 10 mm
- front and rear suspension bushings modified to increase stability
- strut bar bushing changed from the old rubber-cushion type to a bushing type which optimizes rigidity
- a spacer has been added to the stabilizer bushing to increase rigidity. Also a Teflon liner on the inner surface helps to reduce friction
-shorter/lower shift knob and throw
-8 speaker premium sound system (2 subs) with the "single" piece 3-in-1 system (Canadian)
-airbag (cdn version)
-electrical driven gauge cluster vs gear
-gray felt liner upper interior
-extra bolt on exhaust manifold
-different throttle body flow design
-"metal-like" tweeter covers
-many late production 93's had a higher fuel/boost cut program
-different spark plug wires and distributor cap
-different knock sensor plug and water sensor plug
-different A/C amplifier
-front spoiler lip
-"mist" function on wipers
-cruise control stalk connected to the steering column rather than the steering wheel
- for US models, EHPS offered with a “reduced-speed control”
- the passenger side seat belt has been fitted with a auto-locking retractor to faciliate a child seat
- single pipe-type side impact beam versus the old heavier corrugated plate-type beam.
- A test mode function has been added to the on-board diagnosis system
- 93 front trunk liner and spare tire support bar was different to accomodate the 15" spare vs 14" on a 91.
- 93 clutch master cyl. & brake booster different vs 91
- 93 has a different ECU
- 91 to early 93 production used one kind of wiper arms (straight), and late 93 production used a different kind (slightly curved at one end)

-and probably many other little things I just can't think of right now ...