View Full Version : WTB: H4 Headlight Wire Plugs

03-06-2005, 03:38 AM
Looking for 2 H4 Headlight wiring plugs.
Just the part that plugs into the bulb itself.
Anyone have spares kicking around or a parts car with H4 headlights?:thumbsup:

03-06-2005, 11:08 AM
It might be just as cheap (and easier) to go to Parts Source or Auto Value to get them. I think they're only like $5-10 each. I bought mine at Auto Value, but I saw some at Parts Source that looked like better quality/desisgn. They should be right near where the bulbs are.

03-06-2005, 11:56 AM
I didn't know that, Thanks for the heads-up. :thumbsup: