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08-03-2005, 01:13 AM
Here are a couple shots of my 1973 Triumph TR6. These old vintage sports cars make a lot of noise and leak oil but they are fun as all hell to drive. There are only two kinds of TR's in the world: Stock TR's and Fast TR's. Mines a Fast TR. You have to spend a shitload of cash just to make it respectible. One Hundred MPH in one of these things feels like 150 in anything modern.....I'm going to sell this thing when I get my docs package together....my baby but no room for the hobby anymore.

08-03-2005, 01:24 AM

- fidanza aluminum flywheel
- roller rockers
- adjustable vernier cam sprocket
- Fast Road Kent Cam
- Head Port Polish
- Balance & Blueprint
- Head Rebuild including new valves etc.
- Headers & Header wrap.
- Dual SS Exhaust
- MSD Ignition
- Crane Optical Points
- Electric Fan
- Oil Cooler
- Cold Air Intake
- Electric Fuel Pump
- Jaguar Carbs
- New Rad
- Goodparts SS Rad Shroud
- Goodparts Crankcase ventilation system

Drive Train & Suspension

- Toyota Supra 5 Speed Conversion Transmission
- Hydraulic Throwout Clutch system
- Rebuilt UJoints all through
- All rubber suspension bushings replaced with Poly
- All rubber steering rack bushings replaced with Poly
- Koni Shocks front and rear
- Goodparts racing springs 1" lower
- Rebuilt Brake calipers
- Goodparts rear trailing arm brackets adjustable


- Seats recovered
- Pioneer stereo
- new window regulators
- dash and guages refinished


- all paint colour sanded like mirror

Wheels & Tires

- New Panasports lookalikes
- New Bridgestones G009

More...can't remember just now.