View Full Version : 89 Cavy SPL Machine!

08-16-2005, 12:26 AM
This is my 89 Cavalier RS/Z23.5

Its one mean ass sound machine!!


The sound system consists of the following:
Frt stage:Kicker Resolutions(old school series) in custom 'glass kick pods made by Rob VO.
Frt Amp:US Accoustics 2200

Pioneer Premier deck in factory bezel with flush mounted install kit and quick disconnect setup for removal for external use for SuperStreet.Also have "Dummy Deck/Pod" to keep dash within SuperStreet rules.

Subs:2 Kicker L7 12's Dual 4's(old school black cones)wired to 1 ohm with 8 guage wire.Enclosure is 6.5 cubes with reinfocement built in, angled corners and resined inside and out.Outside of box paneled off around open areas and resined.Port modded,bondoed and sealed.Box built by A-Team Audio.

Sub Amp:1 Hardcore RipRock 500D-2000Watts at 1 ohm at 14 Volts.....Will handle 18 Volts and .5ohm on a burp!

Power:1 Optima RedTop underhood
1 Factory style battery in trunk
4-4D CAT/RV Batteries(removed for daily use)
All wired with 2/0 welding cable
200 amp Alternator built by Rob VO.

The entire trunk has been sound deadened with gravel guard(good for a .5 db gain in Street A).

Current setup is built to SS1-2 NW rules and specs and has been certified by Ray Choy as legal.

Have seperate "upper wall" for use when SS NW is not offered.Built of 3/4 MDF and decorated with rows of 8 track tapes.

Best NoWall:148.8db
Best SS1-2:150.2(Red Deer Visions)