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e30 2 envy
08-17-2005, 10:53 PM
ERT / RMS supercharger system up for sale.

consists of:

- Used Vortech V1 blower (rebuilt by Vortech 20k ago and in great shape)
- RMS Bypass valve system
- RMS thermoplastic Intake ( 3.5inch version or 3.0 version)
- RMS cast supercharger to TB tube
- ERT bracket system (places blower in same spot as RMS)
- RMS 5.5 inch Crank pulley with A/C
- Vortech pulley good for 7-8psi in Calgary ( IMHO the most you can run with out water inj. or some form of intercooling)
- supercharger belt
- RMS PCV system
- RMS instructions ( I have OBD1 and OBD2 )

( all RMS parts have less then 500kms on them )

This kit + a air to water intercooler was good for 400+ hp on a M3 here in Calgary. It doesn’t come with software unless you want my OBD1 RMS 413 chip. I can help you with software from the states.

I am also willing to do the install for a car here in Calgary or close by. (In my garage of course) for a small fee.. Very small fee.... I can provide references if you need them LOL

Recommended upgrades with kit:

- Some kind of wideband AFR meter. (I have access to a portable one for tuning.)
- Boost gauge
- Oil pressure
- EGT instead of AFR if you like (I prefer AFR)
- Aftermarket water and oil temp gauges

I am looking for 3000.00 CDN for this kit.

KIT WILL FIT E30 OR E36 but I would love to see this in another m50 e30 :poosie: :poosie:

Please e-mail or leave a message here if you are interested. We can then talk over the phone and work out the details.


P.S. I can provide pics ... But not for a bit as I am having Camera problems. ( dropped stupid camera ...:( :( )

09-06-2005, 10:13 AM
Is this still for sale? Please e-mail or call me [email protected] or 780-242-2773.