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    FS: Xbox 360 Package

    Hey all,

    Selling my 360 Elite + all games and accessories.

    Beyond price of $150!

    Check out ad & pictures here:
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    Anyone know if Luxury car dealers are willing to...

    Anyone know if Luxury car dealers are willing to give good/great deals?
    In particular I'm looking at the Lexus ES300h :)
  3. FS: Xbox One w/ Halo Collection, Charging Station

    Have a baby now, so don't have time to play this.

    Been used for about 8 hours total, have all accessories and boxes.

    Also including Halo Collection, 2.5 months of Xbox Live Gold codes, and an...
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    FS: Polycom CX3000 Speakerphone

    I figured that there are a lot of Beyonders in IT, and chances are you are using Lync/SfB, so wanted to share this here if you are looking for some audio solutions to use with Lync.

    Special price...
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    FS: Core i7 920 Desktop

    Hey Beyond,

    Replaced my old desktop so hoping to move it to a good home!

    Core i7 920 CPU
    6GB Triple Channel RAM
    GeForce GTX 285
    120GB SSD

    Asking $550 OBO!
  6. FS: SOLD

    SOLD, thanks!
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    FS: Shadow of Mordor Xbox One


    :clap: :closed:
  8. FS: Xbox One AC IV/Unity Digital Download Codes

    SOLD!! :clap: :closed:
  9. FS: Home Entertainment Items Clear Out

    Cleaning out stuff, so have a bunch of entertainment things for sale:

    1) PSB 5.1 Speaker HT setup

    2) DVD Collection (over 170 movies)...
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    Looking for Basketball Players

    My team is looking for 1 or 2 guys, we play in the CSMBA league here in Calgary.

    Games are usually Wed nights, and majority of them have been at Talisman historically.

    Season is 21 games +...
  11. FR: Short Term (5 month lease) Rental - Move in Nov 1

    Looking to see if there is any interest for anyone to get a great place.

    Place is going to eventually be sold so it would be a 5 month lease then month-to-month after that.

    Unit is 1 bedroom, 1...
  12. FS: Samsung 2x4GB DDR3L 12800 RAM for Notebooks

    SOLD!!! :clap:
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    Fs Bnib Ps4

    Sold! :D
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    FS: Wii U Deluxe + Games

    SOLD! :clap:
  15. FS: Xbox One Day One - Retail Price

    Gone, thanks!
  16. Car Accident - Insurance Options?

    Hoping Beyond can help me out - was in a car accident (not my fault), and my car is close to being a write-off but insurance wants to repair.

    Normally, I wouldn't have an issue with this, but this...
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    FS: Router, WAP, & Video Card

    Got a few things for sale:

    1) Router is D-Link DIR-825:

    WAP is D-Link DAP-1522:...
  18. Looking at Changing Careers - Questions for IT Professionals

    Short story - been in sales since I finished University, always in a tech field of some sort.

    I am tired of this and really don't want to be doing it in another 20 years - I have no desire to move...
  19. BUMP! Willing to trade for a decent SSD as well.

    BUMP! Willing to trade for a decent SSD as well.
  20. FS: HP MediaSmart EX470 Home Server

    Cleaning out the place, and forgot I had 2 of these - one I am currently using :)

    Great machine, this one has not been used much at all.

    Has 1 500GB HDD in it right now, 3 free internal bays +...
  21. FS: Motorola DCT 3416 HDPVR (Shaw) - SOLD!


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    Times range from 6-10pm. It is an 8 team league...

    Times range from 6-10pm.
    It is an 8 team league - we will gladly have you - all of us currently on the team want to play this so we can all improve our skills, and we formed this team to begin with...
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    Ultimate Frisbee

    Hey beyond,,

    I'm looking for at least 2 more players for my indoor team - skill level doesn't matter - if you've never played but are interested, join up! We're a team that likes to have fun.
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    FS: 360 & PS3 Games

    Cleaning out my place, and no longer play these games - would prefer to sell in a bundle, but if you want to seperate it out, let me know which games you want and I will give you individual prices....
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    FS: Canon PowerShot SD750

    Canon PowerShot SD750 Digital Elph camera for sale. It has 7.1 megapixels and 3x optical zoom. Silver in color and in excellent condition. This model has been replaced by Canon, so this model is hard...
  26. FS: Archos 30GB Portable Media Player

    Looking to sell my Archos as I no longer have need for it.

    30Gb Archos 605 WiFi in Mint condition - still has original screen protector on it. Comes with carrying case + USB cable - I may still...
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    It is actually ICBC I will be making the claim...

    It is actually ICBC I will be making the claim on... driver who hit me was from BC and insured through ICBC.
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    Accelerated Depreciation

    Hoping someone can help me out.

    Short story:

    Car was rear-ended and pushed into vehicle in front of me.
    $14K of damage to car, insurance refused to write off the car so it has been repaired...
  29. Need Beyond Votes to Help my GF!

    My girlfriend has entered her photos in a competition, I would like to help her win!

    You can help me help her by spending 2 seconds and voting for her picture each day guys! Please note you do NOT...
  30. So if I am on a retention plan that has Extreme,...

    So if I am on a retention plan that has Extreme, if I want to move to the new plans, do I lose all my retention offers?
  31. FS: Panasonic FZ30 SLR-like Camera

    Selling one of my all-time favorite cameras as the g/f got a SLR instead now.

    Panasonic FZ-30 is a 8MP camera with a fixed lens but offers all manual settings and focus ring like you would get on...
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    DOes that include if you have only JB the...

    DOes that include if you have only JB the machine?

    I.e. I want to do it for Emulators, not playing backups...
  33. Is it a dual band router? If not, if you have...

    Is it a dual band router?

    If not, if you have any devices running on G on it, it will automatically downgrade all devices to G.... I think, been a while since I had to know anything about routers.
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    Looks like he has perma-hacked the ps3 now,...

    Looks like he has perma-hacked the ps3 now, almost a year to the day he first hacked it:

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    FS: 120GB 360 w/ games

    Got a white 360 w/ HDMI and 120GB HDD for sale, works perfectly, never been opened, never been replaced.

    Comes with 1 wireless controller, wired headset, media remote, BNIB component cables and 4...
  36. LF: Owners/operators of Cellular Dealerships

    I work for a new cellular company Mobilicity , and we are looking for owners/operators in Calgary to build authorized wireless phone dealerships here in the Calgary area.

    We offer very low start...
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    FS: Xbox360 250GB BNIB

    Selling this for a friend, he got it through the Telus offer and doesn't want an Xbox.

    So he's offering the 250GB Xbox (new version) with media remote and component cables for $250 firm.

  38. I got the KDL46EX400... essentially 46" LCD 1080P...

    I got the KDL46EX400... essentially 46" LCD 1080P model to replace my 46" 720P model. Got it for under $300. :)

    Price was awesome, and the other choice was a 55" 120Hz LCD for $800, but that was...
  39. Yeah I got a deal from Sony for a new TV; just...

    Yeah I got a deal from Sony for a new TV; just trying to get some $$$ back for the lamp, and figured someone may want a chance at the whole TV (i.e. for kids or whatever)

  40. FS: Sony LCD Rear Projection Lamp/TV

    Hey all,

    I just bought a new lamp for my Sony KDF46E2000 3 weeks ago, and I no longer need it as I am getting a new TV.

    You can have the lamp for your TV, OR if you want you can buy the whole...
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