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  1. FS: FS: OnePlus 7T with Original Box, Warp Charger and 2 cases

    Just picked this up from the original owner, in excellent condition. I have used it for about 1 week, but am having trouble getting used to the front fingerprint sensor and lack of the "active edge"...
  2. FS: The actual model is called the "Impacts". The...

    The actual model is called the "Impacts". The Double Impacts are the ones that have the 7 tweeter spread. I think it is the Lores that have 3. They are not listed on the website anymore as (from...
  3. FS: Tekton Designs Impact Full Standing Speakers - Dark Grey


    Mods: I originally had posted these in a combined thread a while back. As I need these to go, hopefully it is ok that I am posting them now as a stand alone...
  4. FS: Adding some of my Hi-fi gear: Mogami Cables...

    Adding some of my Hi-fi gear:

    Mogami Cables (14 Gauge) - 2 Cables (18 feet each) - $200 -Bought directly and terminated by Eric at Tekton Designs with Banana plugs.
  5. FS: SOLD Google Wifi Router/AP (1st Gen) New/Sealed

  6. FS: PAV's Audio/Video/Electronic downsizing thread (will be continuously updated)

    Everything is in great working condition. Just finally getting around to downsizing my audio gear. Will be updating the list as things sell/get more things ready for sale.

    More Gear Listed Below...
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    WTB: iPad Pro 12.9 inch

    Hi, looking for any iPad 12.9, not worried about the condition (scratches, etc.) as long as it is in working condition.

    If you can please message me with what you have and your asking price. ...
  8. Yup! Thanks!!!

    Yup! Thanks!!!
  9. FS: Harry Potter in Concert (Movie with Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra playing)

    SpikerS was correct - event was canceled. Thanks!
  10. FS: Updated price - Realized I was getting a 4% store...

    Updated price - Realized I was getting a 4% store credit with the purchase (Google One member) that I wont get if I return it, so passing that 'savings' on to someone else. Now asking $880.
  11. FS: Yes - but I believe it is carrier dependant.

    Yes - but I believe it is carrier dependant.
  12. FS: Great question - would be nice for me to have...

    Great question - would be nice for me to have mentioned that!

    It was $250 off. $879 plus GST - So asking $920.
  13. FS: FS: Google Pixel 4 XL - White - with screen and camera protector

    Bought this directly from Google on Black Friday for my father (impulse buy). Put a glass screen protector and camera protector on it for him.
    However he is ok keeping his old phone.

    Selling at...
  14. FS: HP LaserJet 4050N (Enterprise grade with networking)

    The full capacity toner cartridge was put in a bit ago, but printed less than 50 pages on it since.

    Barely print at home anymore, so this should go to a better home. It is an older model but a...
  15. FS: OHM Acoustics speakers - with new (latest) Walsh omni directional drivers *SOLD*

    Selling a pair of OHM omni directional speakers. Have the latest drivers - these fill the room (can't tell where the speakers are) Too much for my place, need to downsize.
  16. FS:Various Hi-fi Headphones/gear - Sennheiser, Audeze, NAD, B&W, etc.

    I am selling as I went through a hi-fi craze (read:addiction) and am downsizing. Most of these headphones have only had a few hours of use on them, and are in like new condition, with boxes, etc....
  17. FS: Michelin Energy Saver tires - P235/50 R18

  18. FS: Sorry, it's this one here...

    Sorry, it's this one here
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    Sonos Play 3 - with wall mount *SOLD*

  20. FS: Sold

  21. FS: Sold

  22. Sold for a million dollars to SpikerS

    Sold for a million dollars to SpikerS
  23. FOR SALE: Monitor Audio Bronze BX Center Channel - with original boxes

    Works great, just need to downsize. More audio gear to come. Black wood.

    Have original boxes as well.

    Asking: $120
  24. FF: Electric Black and Decker Height Adjustable Lawnmower - power rake blade and bag


    It is my grandma's old lawnmower.

    The good:
    -Runs well
    -Hight Adjustable
    -Comes with collection bag
    -Comes with a power rake blade already installed.
  25. FS: Unifi Security Gateway - with original box

    Works great - only selling as I need a bigger switch, I thought I could use the 4 ports on the Gateway differently.

    Bought directly from Mem Express.

  26. FS: (SOLD) Monitor Audio Gold 50 Bookshelf speakers (Piano Ebony)

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    FS: Vitamix 32 oz Dry Blade Container

    Bought this a while back - but never used it (only use the wet blade container). Still in box sealed.

    Asking $140.
  28. SOLD to G

    SOLD to G
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    FS: Wine rack with glasses holders

    Bought this before moving, no place for it right now.

    Asking $120

    Picture here.
  30. FS: New in box - Triumph 84 inch Poker Table - foldable *SOLD*

  31. Thanks everyone for their help!

    Thanks everyone for their help!
  32. Thanks - I didn't really have a ballpark but...

    Thanks - I didn't really have a ballpark but I'll be honest I didn't expect it to be that low.
  33. Looking for help to price out my used Amp/Sub


    I'm looking for some guidance on where to price my used amp/sub for sale as I'm not really familiar with this area of electronics. I'm not looking for every last penny from this sale, but...
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    FS: Nvidia GeForce GTX 760 2GB

    This card has been lightly used it in my secondary computer - a Mac Pro. I've never used for gaming or bitcoin mining. Computer has been kept clean from dust.

    Stock image used as the card is...
  35. Yes, that seems correct - thanks for filling in...

    Yes, that seems correct - thanks for filling in that info. To clarify I stopped teaching the course a year ago.
  36. FS: iPad Pro - excellent condition - With Apple Pencil and Snagg Case

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    FS: Google Home

    Bought one more than I needed - used only to test to ensure it works.

    Asking $80
  38. FS: 2 PS4 DualShock Controllers - in very good condition

    Have 4 controllers, usually only use 2 at most. No issues, have original boxes as well.

    Asking $100 for both.

    Please PM with a number you can be reached at. Thanks.
  39. FS:Porter Cable Orbital Polisher 7424XP- Never opened

    Bought this from Canadian tire last summer but never used it (still new in box).

    Currently sells on Amazon details here:

  40. FS: Sold

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