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Thread: FS: 15" LCD Display and an old old computer

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    Default FS: 15" LCD Display and an old old computer

    Sorry guys I don't know that I need to post an asking price. Anyway, same thing as advertised yesterday:
    I have a viewsonic 15" LCD display, work well and no damnage.
    Ask for 100 bucks.

    The old computer is (bought in 2001):
    Celeron 566
    7.1 GB Hard Drive
    CD Burner
    361 MB RAM
    Network Card
    Ask for 40 bucks.

    This computer does everything you wanted in 2001: play music, browse the Internet etc... But you don't want to run heavy-weight software like Photoshop on it (well, maybe photoshop 5.0).
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    check pm
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