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    Hey guys! Looks like I'm going to be out of work for a few months starting the end of November, so I'll put this out there for anyone interested. My name's Daniel, and I'm looking for a temp job to kill some time until my next job comes up. I've got great people skills, and have done close protection and LPO work. I'm able to mustre up part of my crew for any security work that needs to be done arond Christmas, and am really just looking for a job I can go to a couple times a week to make some extra scratch. I would like to be paid "under the table" as it would be easier than me quitting my job and getting rehired. Please PM me with any questions or concerns, or email me directly at [email protected]. I'm looking to start December 1, and have no idea as to when I would be going back to work. Anyone with friends needing bouncers or security personell, I have the solution. Thanks!

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    If you dont mind physical labour..call em Diversified Industrial...if you have a car theyll pay you more too. Get anywhere from 9-18/hr depending on job/location etc

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