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    Default LTS: Professional Graphic Design, Web Design Etc.

    My name is Dave and I am a resident of Calgary, Alberta.

    I am a Production Designer, Web Designer, and Graphic Artist.
    I am looking to gain fulltime employment doing the below following, or I am interested in seeking piece jobs as a freelancer.

    Fulltime stable employment is preferred.
    I have experience in the following.

    -6 Years Photoshop Graphic Design Experience . Everything from buttons, headers, logos, web layouts. I can design it all.
    -4 Years Experience in Adobe Imageready. Slicing and creation of html on websites and preperation for insertion into Dreamweaver. Animated icons, Smileys, misc. Gif files.
    -3 Years Experience Macromedia Dreamweaver and HTML. Creation of HTML Websites based off of my initial designs in Photoshop.
    -6 Months Experience with .css. Relatively new to the aspect of CSS based design but can make do with the knowledge I have gained thus far.
    -1 year experience in Adobe Illustrator. Used primarily for Logo Design, Identity Creation, and Image Branding.
    -PHP- I am not a PHP programmer, but I can handle PHP in every way shape or form. I can edit, add, modify anything regarding php, I am just unable to write it. (Ideal for those of you with message forums that need customisation)

    Have owned and operated my own freelance design business for 4 years. Have dozens upon dozens of clients, many of them are repeat customers.

    Contact Information
    Phone: 403.398.5009 (Ask for Dave) Business hours only.
    9am-5pm Mon-Fri
    Email: [email protected]
    MSN: [email protected]
    AIM: Logos by Dave

    If you are inquiring about service past 5 pm, please do not phone, I will be unable to answer.


    Above link will showcase work done in the past 3 months. It will continually be updated each time a new project is finished, so bookmark it if you would like to enjoy more work from me.

    Thank You,
    Good Evening.
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