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    Default sienna whistle noise!

    Hi every one!
    I am very new here and would like to join in this forum to share some helpful info about cars. I got 2001 sienna and had 90k km on it, the engine look ok no oil leak or anything but when I start the vehicle in diffrent weather condition, some time I heard a sound like whistle noise came the alternator. The sound came off after warmimg up or so... I gessing the bearing of the alternator is dry or turning bad, so anyhow can I grease it or lubricate it? How are every one think? is that the problem or something else. Thanks in advance!


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    Take it down to a Toyota dealership for an oil change, and just ask them the same question. Clarify before hand if they will charge you to inspect the problem, or just guess at it.

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    Sounds like a drive belt issue to me.

    Check the tension of your accessory drive belts, if they're loose, tighten them up. OH YEAH, don''t do this while the engine is running.

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