well, the title pretty much says it all,
my system is exactly 3 month old, as most of you know, the deck is already out, therefore the subs is just sitting at home collecting dust,
however, i'd really like to let it go for a good price, i am thinking i'd let the sub go for $200.00

and also if you want you can give me an offer on the sub box, it's tuned and build for the type R SWR1241D , with a tight acurate port.

believe it or not but the total price i spend on the sub and box was $480.00 ( 280 for the sub and 200 along for the box)

but anyhow, i'd let the both of them together go for $300.00, and honestly 3 month old, you will be able to see the condition of it

thanks, plz let me know