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    Default short ram intake

    maybe this was dumb of me but I installed a short ram intake on my 05 wrx and have a turbo back exhaust system, Someone has told me that I'm running the risk of blowing up my motor in doing this without a utec, is this correct?

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    The short ram could fool the maf and cause you to run lean. You either need to tune for the intake or stick the stocker back on.

    There are one or two intakes that work ok on the WRX. The Cobb SF is one of them... can't think of the other at the moment. What brand is yours?

    Didn't you get any CELs yet?

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    Don't waste $$$ on an intake, they don't work good on our cars as they do on the NA cars,, unless you have a big turbo, fmic, and tune for it..
    stay away from them, AND BOv's.

    Nasioc is your friend,, tonne of knowledge-able people.

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