I have a 75 gallon fish tank with steel stand for sale.

The dimensions are 48" L x 20" H x 18" W

The fish tank was used just over one year. The steel stand was only used for 3 months (had a wood stand before). I had saltwater fish/corals in the tank, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with the tank or the stand.

Reason for selling... I have a custom built one now.

I quickly cleaned the tank with fresh water (no soap or other chemicals), there are still little bit of algea on the glass.

As you can see in the pics, there is a piece of wood and foam. I used it to absorb the shock (when people walk by) when it was running. There are also two pieces of top glass covers, one of the corner is broken and the back is cutted off (for heaters, skimmer, filters, etc.) You can replace them if you want.

I'm looking for $150 OBO for both tank and stand. I will throw in the wood/foam/top glass covers if you want.