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Thread: what to do about a missing order (ebay)

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    Default what to do about a missing order (ebay)

    i bought a camera battery charger from ebay on apr 26, a month later i was wondering where it was so i emailed the company, they gave me a tracking number and a website to check it.

    i got this

    05/04/2006 Package left for sorting facility.
    05/04/2006 Manifested and cleared U.S. Customs for destination country.
    05/04/2006 Left U.S. for destination postal delivery partner. (May take up to 3 to 10 business days for delivery).

    and now still nothing, how long does it usually take because this is my first buy on ebay, other than that i bought an e-brake handle which i already got.

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    try tracking with canada post?

    i have a package on the way that stopped tracking via usps.com when it hit canada, but I can now track it via canadapost.ca

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