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    Default 1993 Jeep YJ

    I doubt anyone here is interested but if you know anyone that wants a Jeep, PM me .

    1993 Jeep YJ
    inline-4 2.5L engine
    5-speed w/new clutch
    about 130 000 km (many highway back and forth from Vancouver to San Fransisco)
    Black on dark grey w/ dark grey top.

    Body is in good condition except dented fender. There is some rust around that fender(toonie sized) but the fender should be easy to hammer out.

    Mechanicals are in very good shape. Tune-ups, oil changes etc. done as recommended. Car has been driven only about once per month for the last year and a half.

    Originally bought in Vancouver, then driven in California since ~1996. Has only been in Calgary for the past year and a half and was not driven during the winter.(no salt corrosion)

    Comes with an aftermarket cassette player (kenwood I think 25W x 4. I will double check.)
    It's a Soft top but has a WICKED heater. Also comes with a backseat that fits two.

    As noted, new clutch (barely worn in), also new catalyic converter.

    I have all bills, etc. and I am the second owner after my sister, who bought the car new.(She was a conservative driver .)

    Any questions or offers, please PM me. I live in NW Calgary and would be happy to show you it.

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    i need a winter car , how much how many km? what options

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