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    Question Used bikes...

    So when buyin a used bike....what would be like good mileage or whatever.....like hmm.....just ya....what would be the max mileage any of u ppl would consider buying a used bike at...i have no clue when they start to get a little worn (in km).

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    I find the mileage doesn't really matter that much on a used bike, since they're so easy to fix up. Just check the condition etc.

    Then again, I have a 1977 Yamaha XS650 with only 14,000kms.

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    oh whoa....u have crazy low kms for that year!!!!! i saw some bikes yesterday that were like 2001s and had 20000+ km on them....oh and i dunno if it would matter at all but crotch rockets i'm wondering about.

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