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    Default buyin an impreza

    I've wanted to get a subaru for some time now and I finally have some money to guy one. Although I really like the newer wrx's I really like the 98-01 imprezas and they would be more in my price range. If anyone knows where I could get one or just has any info or advice for someone lookin to buy let me kno. I live in edmonton but will travel to find the right car.
    Thanks in advance

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    how much do you have? the thing here is that gc's are rediculiuosly overpriced here.

    if i were to buy a gc, or any subaru for that matter i would get it from the states. save me some money.

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    Ya, GCs are going for about $15k, some with almost 200k kms on them. I paid quite a bit for mine last year, but I decided it was worth it since it only had 49,000 kms when I bought it. I'd look to the US if you don't mind everything in miles. Plus, the USDM 99-01's come stock with the much nicer v5 bumper. www.rs25.com and www.nasioc.com are good places to start.
    You have a couple of photos that are great... you must be very good at photoshop!

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