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Thread: Honda Techs - 2001 Civic Timing Belt Replacement Intervals

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    Talking Honda Techs - 2001 Civic Timing Belt Replacement Intervals

    This is what Honda recommends:

    84 mths/176,000 km Replace Timing Belt & Inspect Water Pump

    100,000 km Replace Timing Belt & Inspect Water Pump if regularly driven in very low temp (-29 C, -20 F)

    Which on should I go with? Most Honda shops recommend changing the timing belt at 100K intervals.

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    Always go with a safe number. I would for sure change it at 100,000 just to be safe. Every 100,000km is a pretty acceptable interval IMO. It's far better than having your belt snap and you need a new motor.

    Audi says to change my belt at 160,000km and I'll be doing it around 100,000 km. There is just no point in taking the risk IMO.

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    If you winter drive your car, then do it at 100k. Most people I now do theirs before 100k regardless. It's cheap insurance. Get the water pump done at the same time to save on labour costs later on down the road. If you want, you can get your cam seals and crank seals done at the same time.

    I'm not sure how readily available engine swaps are for 2001 civics, I've never looked into it. But if it was a stock engine from a 1992-2000 I probably wouldn't touch the belt. I'd just let the motor run until it dies and then swap a new one in.


    Just looked into it. You're pretty much SOL for swapping anything other than a K into your car.
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    just do them at the same time....or just wait till the motor blows and then do the K swap!

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