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    Default Welcome" Roadtrip from Jan26-Jan28, 2007


    Acouple buddies of mine and me of course are going winter camping out at 3 valley gap in acouple weeks. There's so much snow there right now its perfect. I have been doing winter camping for 10+ years and i mean i go once to twice a month.

    If anyone wants to join us we will be leaving the early night of jan26 and be back late afternoon on the jan28. This is a perfect chance for someone that wants to try out there vehicle without killing it and around people that really know the area.

    Afew times the hummer club comes out which is only afew miles away and really tears things up. I also know the owner of 3 valley gap and the owner of logging company that is around that area and the grader owner

    We have everything as far as survival gear.

    Weather out there is a modest -5 during the day NO wind next to ever.

    If you're interested let me know. This trip i'll be driving hyundai tuson and the other guys in acouple jeep cherokees, hummer h3

    We will be going to a campground ground with nice big pinic tables, creek, and if were lucky a hot shower as i belive im almost finished building thew setup.

    The owner of 3 valley gap is the guy on the quad

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