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Thread: 2008 Jetta sedan will be first VW with Bluetec

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    Default 2008 Jetta sedan will be first VW with Bluetec


    The first Volkswagen vehicle to feature new Bluetec clean-diesel technology in the US will be the 2008 model-year Jetta sedan. The company announced at last year’s L.A. Auto Show that it too would offer its own range of Bluetec diesels, sharing technologies with DaimlerChrysler and sister company Audi, and now the first models are set for release.

    DaimlerChrysler was the first too market with the new technology when it launched the Mercedes E320 Bluetec last year. The Bluetec will be used for marketing purposes only. VW actually has its own proven technology that uses an oxygen after-treatment system and a particulate filter to meet the new 50-state diesel emission requirements.

    The first Bluetec Jetta will come with a turbocharged 2.0L common-rail diesel engine, and will be followed soon after by smaller variants. A new wagon body-style may also be offered for the first time. VW has sold close to 800,000 diesel cars in the US already, and considering some models offer better fuel-economy than Toyota’s hybrid Prius, we’re sure they’ll soon takeoff.

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    Nice to see some more desiels

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    cool cool. rad to see the increase in diesels over here. i think they will continue to grow in popularity

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