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Thread: Hahaha, hilarious customer service chat conversation.

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    Default Hahaha, hilarious customer service chat conversation.

    Setup: Some folks on another board got bored, and decided to start talking to live tech support on Norelco's (elec. razor) website. The convos that they had were hilarious.

    Betty = Tech Support
    snoop dizzle = Bored person

    Question: razor problem

    ( snoop dizzle has joined )
    ( Betty has joined )
    snoop dizzle: what da dizzle bizzle?
    snoop dizzle: dis rizzles shizzle
    snoop dizzle: where u at my nizzle?
    snoop dizzle: i gotsta axe u a question homes
    Betty: Hello Snoop. Welcome to Norelco's Live Customer Care Service. My name is Betty.
    snoop dizzle: and i be big ol' snoopp dizzle from the east sizzle nizzle
    Betty: I'm having a little trouble understanding how I can help you. Do me a favor, give me more details about the element of the question which needs clarification.
    snoop dizzle: pleased to meat your aquizzle.
    snoop dizzle: aight
    Betty: I am awaiting your resposne.
    snoop dizzle: i gots dis trick azz beitch who be hittin up my homies fo dick, but dey ain't havin dat hairy shizzle
    snoop dizzle: i needs a heavy duty Ghetto razor
    snoop dizzle: do dat shiz come in gold?
    Betty: Could you please restate your question in English language.
    snoop dizzle: roflroflroflrofl
    snoop dizzle: dat be ebonics ho
    snoop dizzle: east sizzle slizzle
    Betty: I am sorry, but our services are available in English.

    Question: Limitations on shaving

    ( Norelcock has joined )
    ( Betty has joined )
    Norelcock: hey hey hey betty
    Betty: Hello and welcome to Norelco's Live Customer Care Service. My name is Betty.
    Norelcock: Check it out Betty
    Betty: I'm having a little trouble understanding how I can help you. Do me a favor, give me more details about the element of the question which needs clarification.
    Norelcock: I know that when you eat.. youre not supposed to swim for an hour
    Norelcock: now...
    Norelcock: i like to have a swim in the morning.. should i wait an hour before i shave?
    Betty: Thank you for the additional information.
    Betty: I understand your concern regarding the use of razor.
    Norelcock: Right
    Norelcock: i was talking to Robin about this earlier....
    Norelcock: but i got disconnected, could you bring her in here as well?
    Betty: You can have your swim anytime before or after the shave. The only important concern is have the skin completely dry.
    Norelcock: Well. there are other things a little more private which i had revealed to Robin
    Betty: I am sorry, but I am unable to contact Robin at the moment.
    Norelcock: I would really feel more comfortable if i were to talk to Robin
    Betty: I will assist you with your questions on our products.
    Norelcock: Another thing is
    Norelcock: When i shave my nuts with the razor... its fine
    Betty: I apologize, but Robin is not in a position to come on a conference.
    Norelcock: but after i go swimming... my sack shrinks, and i cut myself one time before of shrinkage
    Norelcock: how come i prevent cutting myself?
    Betty: Our razor have been designed and teste on facial hair.
    Norelcock: teste?
    Betty: I am sorry for the mistype.
    Norelcock: testies?
    Norelcock: what did you mistype? i dont understand
    Betty: Our razors have only been tested and evaluated on facial hair.
    Norelcock: When will the tests on pubic hair be conducted?
    Norelcock: When i buy a razor.. iwant to know that it works as well on my face as it will on my nuts
    Norelcock: nothing like having nuts as smooth as a babys ass
    Betty: I'm sorry but there are others who need my help, so I have to limit our chat to how I can help you on the website. Is there any Norelco question I can assist you with?
    Norelcock: i bet you like smooth nuts
    Norelcock: no no
    Norelcock: listen
    Norelcock: is Robin free yet?
    Norelcock: it seems youre uncomfortable speaking of genitals
    Norelcock: Robin was very helpful and gave me very good personal advice on how to take care of my problem... but i was cut short, i still had more questions
    Betty: I regret that we couldn't finish our discussion. You will get a note by email of all the page links and services I mentioned. Thank you for using Norelco Live Customer Care Service.
    Betty: If you need any further assistance, please feel free to login again. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    ( Norelcock has exited )

    Question: hair grows thicker

    ( Richard Noggin has joined )
    ( Robin has joined )
    Richard Noggin: hi robin
    Richard Noggin: so I'm having this problem with a shaver I bought from you guys
    Richard Noggin: it's the one that squirts out lotion
    Robin: Hello Richard. Welcome to Norelco's Live Customer Care Service. My name isRobin.
    Robin: Thank you for your question.
    Richard Noggin: it looks like a guys is ...you know...
    Richard Noggin: but anyway
    Robin: Could you please let me know the model number of your razor?
    Richard Noggin: so like basically when I shave my ass the hair grows thicker
    Richard Noggin: is there anyway to prevent this?
    Richard Noggin: I mean it almost looks like I have velcro,
    Robin: The model number will be listed on the razor and on the manual which you get along with it.
    Richard Noggin: the shaver bogs down cuz my ass is so hairy now
    Richard Noggin: that wasn't listed as a possible side effect
    Richard Noggin: I don't have the manual
    Robin: Could you please let me know when did you purchase the razor?
    Richard Noggin: but it's the one that quirts out the white stuff
    Richard Noggin: about 2 months ago
    Richard Noggin: so anyways now I can't even wipe my ass right, cuz all the turd just gets stuck on the thick ass hair caused by your razor
    Richard Noggin: do you have bigger razors so maybe I can just shave a whole cheek at a time or something?
    Richard Noggin: I hate having to do like 10 passes per cheek, it cuts down on my time
    Richard Noggin: and is there some remedy to the ass hair or am I just stuck like this for the rest of my life?
    Richard Noggin: I bought the Norelco because I was told it was the best but now the blades are dull and it bogs down on my hair
    Robin: I would suggest you to take your razor to one of our Authorized Service Centers where the technical experts will assist you with your razor.
    Richard Noggin: it overheats too so i've had 3 circles burned on my ass like a brand sometimes, since there is a crap load of ass hair it almost looks like crop circles
    Richard Noggin: my friends have started making fun of me the told me aliens visited my ass, I told them it's the shaver burning the hair off but now I'm starting to wonder....
    Richard Noggin: what about the ass hair? I don't care about the razor it's the ass hair I'm concerned about
    Robin: If you are not satisfied with our razor and it is under 60-day money back guarantee, we can refund you the money.
    Richard Noggin: the razor manual didn't say anything about that
    Robin: I am sorry but I have to terminate our chat session.
    Robin: Please feel free to login again.
    Robin: We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    Richard Noggin: you're no help?
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    hahahah, thats is pretty funny! Clearly they were really bored when they did that

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    hahahaha the last one about crop circles was funny

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    rofl....haha...OMG...almost as funny as ask leo!
    Originally posted by ashee
    What's 30 grand when you're buying a BMW, M6 please.

    Originally posted by t-im

    You sound like the type of guy who would buy a C-Class just so you could tell people you have a Benz.
    Oooh the irony.

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    HAHAHAHA.... oh yah!!!


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    hahahaha......... Damn that's funny, Kinda reminds me of the stupid fun section in Maxim and things to do when bored.

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    yeh "Almost"

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