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    Default Hiring Software Developers

    Call Genie (www.callgenie.com) – Senior Developers

    Call Genie leverages cutting-edge voice and search technology to provide an exciting interface to categorized and uncategorized data. Making use of speech recognition technology, we deliver a software product that brings location-specific search results to callers on mobile, VOIP and traditional telephone networks. Our culture is based around agile, advanced thinkers who can impress big clients and literally compete with the Googles and Microsofts of the world. We’re one of western Canada’s hottest startups and Call Genie’s EVD product is already one of the most impressive voice directory solutions available.

    We’re hiring ambitious, eager, smart and experienced software developers in order to keep up with our rapid growth and boundless potential. Call Genie is actively interested in people who might already be working in Calgary, but who would like to work on more interesting problems in a better environment for better rewards.

    Why make the move and come to Call Genie?

    - Work with really smart people in a team environment.
    - Create something you are proud of, where design and quality are emphasized.
    - Employ cutting-edge technology all the time.
    - Build software in an interesting, exploding business domain.
    - Control what you work on in each development iteration.
    - Solve challenging problems.
    - Enjoy a casual, fun, social atmosphere.
    - Better compensation and plenty of opportunity.

    Who we want:

    - The most technically skilled people. You know who you are!
    - Developers who are passionate about software design.
    - Meta-thinkers who are interested in process improvement.
    - Programmers who are excited by challenging problems.
    - Motivated learners who stay ahead of the curve.
    - Experienced veterans who recognize tools as a means to an end.


    - Proven development and problem solving skills over your career.
    - Industry experience building real object oriented software products.
    - Extensive knowledge of object oriented design theory.
    - Strong background using relational databases, SQL.
    - Exposure to or keen interest in agile software development processes.
    - Belief in best practices, unit testing, refactoring, iterative development.


    - Practical experience on large web applications or multi-tiered client/server systems.
    - Exposure to web technologies – XML, web services, frameworks, application servers, etc.
    - History building and designing enterprise applications on Java or C# platforms.
    - Exposure to alternative user interfaces, usability studies, speech recognition, speech synthesis.
    - Knowledge about search theory, AI, machine learning, or natural language processing.

    Contact me (PM or post) for information, or if you wish to remain anonymous, send your resume to [email protected]

    I'm happy to talk about the company and the job

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    hah....wow....I fit that description perfectly....what $ range are you talking about?...where is it located?

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