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Thread: Nissan warns U.S. cellphones can disable car keys

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    Default Nissan warns U.S. cellphones can disable car keys


    Thu May 24, 6:28 PM ET

    DETROIT (Reuters) - Nissan North America (7201.T) has a warning for customers: placing your electronic key too close to your cellphone could leave you stranded.

    The automaker is asking customers driving new models of two of its flagship sedans to keep their car keys and cellphones at least an inch apart to avoid disabling the "intelligent keys."

    Cellphones kept near Nissan's I-Keys -- wireless devices designed to allow drivers to enter and start their cars at the push of a button -- can erase the electronic code on the keys, rendering them unable to unlock or start the cars.

    The problem has occurred on the 2007 Nissan Altima and Infiniti G35 sedans -- two of their top-selling models, the company said on Thursday.

    "We discovered that if the I-Key touches a cellphone, outgoing or incoming calls have the potential to alter the electronic code inside the I-Key," Nissan spokesman Kyle Bazemore said.

    "The car won't start and the I-Key cannot be reprogrammed," he added.

    The problem has occurred in a "very small percentage" of cars sold, Bazemore said. He also said a new version of the I-Key would be available in the fall.

    Bazemore said current owners have been notified of the potential glitch via mail and can get new keys from dealers if they encounter the problem.

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    Originally posted by GTS Jeff
    You know those bored stay at home moms who's entire lives revolve around driving their kids to soccer, various cleaning accessories, and worrying about neighbourhood rapists? The kind of people that watch the View and go "uh huh..." Those unfulfilled people who try to fill the void in their empty lives by writing whiny letters to the editor complaining about shit that no one really cares about?

    Well imagine if instead of writing that letter to the editor, she just posts on a car forum for car enthusiasts. That's Kritafo.

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    That sucks balls. I wonder if this can happen with all the smart keys or just Nissan's. I can imagine how pissed of the people who it happened to must be.

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    It hasn't happened to mine. I keep my phone and my keycard in separate pocket though.
    It does mention in the instruction that cellphone signal can interfere with the operation of the keycard. It doesn't say that it would erase the code, just Nissan's keycard I guess.

    So it would disable the actual key in the keycard as well? That would really suck.

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    yes it disables the whole key and will not start the car at all...

    it happened to me once...

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