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    Default so closed the thread

    well, im sorry if i offend the administrator but you know wut..why would you close it, there were ppl talking there
    oa nd by the way, i DO know a guy that has a 600hp golf, and a guy taht has a 380hp golf too, too bad you know NO such ppl, dont mean you shuold close the forum,a nd ppl who dont believe it, dome e hatin something you will never drive, and yes i drove both cars, and yes he fuc*s around with vipers and shit, actuay im prty sure he could smoke anyone on this forum, but hey no offence to anyone, just the ppl that closed the thread and the ones that dont believe, too bad for you, aint me you gon be slowing down all my life, but your self

    ps:those cars go like beauts...too bad non of you gon be driving them :tongue:

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    Post some pictures cause I say your full of shit
    max_boost is a name known to all

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