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Thread: CEL Code woes and a couple other Q's

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    Default CEL Code woes and a couple other Q's

    Question one:

    So, in the past 10 days or so I have gotten the Check Engine Light on in my car three different times.

    (1) First time I did not know how to get the ECU diagnostic code from it, so im not sure of what it would have given me.

    --ECU Reset when doing stereo work--

    (2) Second time I knew how to check the code and got number 61.

    Oxygen Sensor, Heated - Sensor 1 (Primary)
    high voltage, low voltage, or slow response
    Did nothing to the car mechanically, but again, doing stereo work and the ECU was reset again. CEL did not show up for two more days.

    (3) Third time, today. It now gives me code 45.

    System Too Lean or Too Rich
    malfunction in the fuel monitoring systems
    It has only ever given me one trouble code at a time, never both at once.

    My question: Is the oxygen sensor the source of all the trouble; if I replace the oxygen sensor, will no more codes pop up? Or is the source of the trouble somewhere else?

    1998 Prelude, 143,XXX km, only modification is cold air.

    Question 2:

    Ive seen this on some different forums, but without a degree in electrical or mechanical engineering, im not going to be able to build one of these myself.

    What the goal is, is to have engine information displayed on a 7.5" LCD screen in-dash. Accuracy would be nice, but not essential, this is not a tuned or modified car. I would just like to a) Be aware of temperatures, pressures, and other information under the hood, and b) make use of the screen (DVDs are practical....never)

    The only thing ive been able to find is this:


    Essentially, I want something to piggyback my ECU to give me information to be displayed via a regular home-video RCA cable.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    i would start by replacing your oxygen sensor. if you got a code for it before and are getting improper fuel mixtures i would get it replaced...they aren't that expensive and you can easily do it yourself.

    as for the display you talk about..the one you have seems good aside from the fact you may need aftermarket sensors in order to use some of the functions (the lc-1 is an aftermarket WB o2 sensor). unit looks good. i would buy it if i were in a situation like yours. its a shame that it doesn't do oil pressure though as that is a handy number to know. for what you need i think it would be perfect. price isn't terrible ethier.

    only other options i know of would be a piggy back or standalone and that requires a computer anyway.

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