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    Default Review: Ivory Restaurant

    Ivory Restaurant
    Location: 3rd ave where Treasures of China used to be
    - Food rating 1/5
    It's buffet style, decent selection of food but it was all cold and seemed old. The nahn bread was decent but was really oily and not fresh.

    - Ambience 0/5
    This place shoudn't be open for business. It's not set up at all yet. The place is huge but tables are randomly scattered around and the place is totally sparse. I'm not big on ambience at all but even I thought it really sucked

    - Service 2/5
    The only reason this gets a 2/5 is because the food and ambience are so bad that I can't justify giving the service the same score. The lady came and dropped off a pitcher of water and never even asked us for drink orders. Nobody came and cleaned up our plates. When we were done she stood at side of the table and got us to pass her the plates. The bill took forever

    - Value 0/5

    When I called the person told me dinner buffet is $16.95. When the bill came it was $123.86+gst = $131 for 7 people. This is funny because 123.86 isn't even divisable by 7. It works out to something like $17.69xxx.

    Went there for dinner friday night with some friends just to see what east indian food in chinatown would be like. In the end I got blasted for suggesting the place as it sucked! The place doesn't even seem like it should be open yet. I will never go back.

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    !!! Thanks for posting the review. I was planning on going there within the next two weeks, and now I'm glad that I've read this.

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    Went there for lunch on Friday and have to totally agree with your review. The only good thing is I can't see this restaurant staying open that much longer because it is just that bad! However, I heard that the people that own that building was also the owner of the restaurant but I could be wrong there.

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