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Thread: need help removing headliner

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    Question need help removing headliner

    I recently purchased an '84 Lincoln Continental and the headliner is sagging. I inspected it to see how difficult it would be for me to remove the old one myself & see a few difficult situations. First it has a moldule right above the rearview mirror that has book lights in it - I dont know how to remove it. I also don't know how to remove the covers that are holding those handgrips to the roof right above the doors. I tried using a screwdriver to pry them loose but I am scared I am going to bust them or tear the liner. Please give me some advise on how I should go about doing this? Your help would be most appriciative.


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    there is most likey caps over all the covers/handles/lights. you can pry thoes off with a trim stick, or flat head screwdriver, then look for screws...
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