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Thread: Alarm Monitoring for Homes?

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    Default Alarm Monitoring for Homes?

    Hey all,

    I'm looking to purchase a alarm monitoring system and service for my place.

    Just wondering what companies in town are good, and what the typical rate might be?

    I know of Protelec Alarms, and AAA Alarms.. is there any others that you guys might suggest?

    I think most services are monitoring for forced entry and fire.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't have an alarm myself, but I work with them on the other end of things, receiving their calls for service (to 911) for various types of alarms. I don't do much with the security/intrusion side of things, but I do deal with Fire and EMS (and the occasional intrusion alarm that a company will call in as a Fire alarm because they've had so many false intrusion alarms that the cops refuse to go any more).

    Other companies besides the ones you mentioned include:
    Stealth (these guys may be out of business/suspended, IIRC)
    AE Security
    Protection One
    Brinks Home Security

    Those are the ones that I remember off the top of my head. I won't recommend any one in particular, but I'll tell you this much: In my 8 years working 911, of all the ones you and I have mentioned, I have never received a call from AlarmForce. I don't know if that means they report their alarms through some means other than 911 (like all other alarm co's do), or that their system is good enough that they never call in alarms unless they're real, or what.

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