Hey guys. I currently started getting back into serious-mode for soccer this season and am currently playing on a Futsal team in CUSA. The team is newly formed with a bunch of people who haven't had the chance to play together alot and the commitment of some of the players isn't what I'd consider "competitive". With practice only once a week, with usually just half the players on the team, it's hard to get any momentum going. I think I've been playing pretty well though, as I have good experience playing at high levels. I was on the High School team, won Provincials and City championship in Minor League, played with team Alberta in U-15, etc. Once University started it was hard to get back into it as time constraints were usually present.

ANYWAYS, the purpose of this post is that I would like to know of any competitive/serious players who currently play in an indoor league (prefferably Futsal but I don't care). I'm not asking if I can join your team, but I'd like to know if I could come to some of your practices and train with you, since it's hard for me to find hardcore and fully committed people I can practice with. While our team is spending most of our time trying to fix everything, I'd just like to train with a team that has more experience and time to train specific things like technique, tactics, etc. Anyways, let me know!