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    Default 200 watts rms 400 watts max

    i have a 12" sub with 200watt rms and 400watt max at 4ohms power..
    what kind of amp should i get for these ratings?

    how many watts at 4ohms or whatever, do i look at the max output or what??

    thanks guys..

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    max output means nothing really. Its all about RMS. However most car audio compaines are remarkilby decieving, and they'd lead you to believe otherwise.

    I'm assuming your sub is 200RMS with a single 4 ohm coil, so you'd need an amp that can do 200 RMS into 1 channel. Most two channel amps can do 4ohms briged.
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    Yeah, you're looking for a 200-250W mono amp, or an amp that can do 250W at 4 ohms bridged (two channels). They can be picked up used for a pretty good deal too, if you don't want to buy new. Fairly common.
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