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    Anyone know anything about the Axxis condo, it's on 650 10 ST SW (downtown west end). I've been looking at a few units in the building and I was curious if anyone had any opinions on it. I believe the builder is Bosa. Thanks in Advance.

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    Axxis, my buddy is building a condo with them in edmonton, its been 3 years now and its still not done.

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    Riverwest, The Marquis and the Axxis were all built by Bosa and are solid buildings, especially compared to their Pointe of View neighbours...

    I've been in the Marquis a fair bit and can say it is well run and well built. My experience with the Axxis is limited, but Bosa has a pretty good track record - do your due diligence (condo docs) and if it checks out, you're probably in pretty good hands.

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