Well to help pay the bills, I'll be selling my other baby, a Panasonic DMC-LX2. I bought it for two reasons, firstly it's an incredibly good 10mp camera. Secondly (well, really the main reason) is that it does 16:9 video at 30 frames/second which makes it an INCREDIBLE camera for it's size and functionality.

I've put 10,760 images through it and about 5 hours of video so far. I'd show the video, but sadly YouTube felt it was in their best interest to delete/ban my account for putting up a 3 minute clip of Mitch Hedberg... buggers.

Anyways, it comes with a Li-Ion battery that I've found is good for abut 400-500 shots (pretty damn good eh?), the charger, lens cap and if I can find the USB cable, that too. It's still 'on sale' at London Drugs for $499 so I figure asking $280 is fair.

Cosmetically it's 8/10 as it has basic scuffs that anything kept in a pocket will accumulate. If you need it shipped, I'll pay shipping in Canada, otherwise it's $15 to the USA and $25 anywhere else in the world. Here's a link to see the camera on DP Review