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    Default FS: 1991 Ford mustang

    My friends friend is selling this:

    1991 Red Ford Mustang
    2.3 L 4 cyl engine
    5 Speed
    Power windows, locks and mirrors.
    Air conditioning.
    Sony CD Xplod and subwoofer
    Cruise control
    Aluminum rims
    New battery, alternator, spark plug wires,
    new muffler and exhaust pipe, radiator, starter,
    1 year old plainum spark plugs
    new timing belt.
    Chrome trim, tinted back window.
    Newer tires.
    190k, mostly highway driving.

    $3000 obo

    (I worked him down to $2800 if you say i sent you... im sure if you mention my name and haggle him he'll go even lower heh lowest id say is $2500... but you guys can try for better!)


    to get contact just pm me
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    common somebody buy! i get $20 if its sold from me! lol
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