Vehicle Details
Year : 2006
Make and Model : Kawasaki ZX6R
Exterior Color : Blue
Odometer Reading : <6,000km
Location of Vehicle : Calgary
Extras : Carbon Fibre Akropovic Exhaust (best sounding exhaust I have had on a motorcycle), rear spools
Changed oil and filter this summer with full synthetic Motul, less than 1,000km on the oil change.
Brand new rear tire due to picking up a nail, front is virtually new.
Undertail kit, front flush mounts. Factory equiped lap timer. digital tach and spedometer. removed decals and stickers.

Left mirror is missing (previous owner rode without mirrors and didn't have it to give to me) and there are two scrapes on the bike where it got leaned up against a wall (left side). It was not laid down. 2nd owner, well taken care of, experienced rider.

Asking Price : $7,400 obo not really looking to trade, need to cash out to pay for school.
Contact Information
pm or post here or call
Phone : 690-9989