A basic overview of the market show a veriety of different products using various methods and engineering. How do we consumers know which works and which does't?? well solar powerd cars we can boldly say for a fact is not as efficent at all. Plus it doesn't generate enough power to give us drivers the smoothe we're longing for. it of course doesn't work in bad wheather. Thus leaving an empty longing in the hearts of drivers. NGV seems the alternative! but although it is cheap to pump gas as to petrol, there are limited stations that offer NGV. The que to pump therefore is very long. this turns it into a hassel, but still a small factor. the capital we pay to put the tank is considerably very expansive(rm2500-rm3500). not forgetting the amount of space we lose in the rear of our cars. cars with NGV lose 20%-30% car performence almost immediatly. Lets face the truth, we drivers need this power when we drive. this is another set back for the JPJ approved alternative which is very unsatisfying! the major downfall in the usage of NGV is of course its highly flamable content. all it takes is a knock from behind to send the car in flames. now is that a risk worth taking for such poor quality in service and performance.
Now what about the usage of hydrogen as a fuel saver? what can it do in our modern age of driving?