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Thread: Fire at Sandro Pizzaria

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    Unhappy Fire at Sandro Pizzaria

    Damn it, my favorite Italian restaurant up in smoke. Hopefully it opens up again soon.


    Several businesses were damaged but no one was hurt after fire broke out in a commercial complex in northeast Calgary.

    People called 911 to report flames on the roof of the two-storey building at 431 41st Ave. N.E. early Friday morning, the Calgary Fire Department said.

    Three aerial water towers and 28 firefighters were sent to the fire, said spokesman Jeff Budai.

    Sandro Pizzeria and Milano Deli Café suffered the most damage. A social club and medical centre were also affected. The complex was a popular gathering place for people from the Italian community.

    Fire investigators are looking into the cause of the blaze. Investigators have not ruled out arson, Budai said.

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    ohh wow, possible arson?

    I wonder where in the building the fire started, since there is that truck accessory shop downstairs, the social club, sandros, and maybe a couple of other businesses in that building.

    maybe sandro's will move into a better building (that current place is in a shit location, and the room is too small and stuffy)

    that's too bad, they have great food and pizza (although i've had a few overcooked ones there).

    their service absolutely sucks though, unless you are in a large group or happen to be taking your boss and his wife (who are mid-60s and rich) out for dinner

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    I absolutely love that place, I have never had anything but a great experience there! They food was a killer price for what you got, the portions weere solid size. Way better than many of the other overpriced Italian restaurants in this city. Hopefully they get it back up and running soon.

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    Sandro's, Their food was amazing, but as it was said above, their service was pretty brutal.

    I used to hold lunch meetings there quite often as I worked just up the road... so it was convenient... and never had issues when I brought in large groups for lunch.

    That said, any time I went to Sandro with just another co-worker for lunch, the service was pretty brutal. The staff are fairly uncaring to their patrons unless there is a lot of money to be made... so that was a big turn off.

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