Vehicle Details
Year : 1974
Make and Model : GMC Super Custom 1500
Exterior Color : Spanish gold/White
Interior Color : Saddle Cloth
Auto or Manual? : Turbohydamatic
Odometer Reading : 86,411 Miles (actual mileage approx. 93,000)
Location of Vehicle : SE Calgary
Description :

What you're looking at here folks, is a beautiful specimen of what 36 years of Alberta road salt can do to a truck! Bought it in 2002 (with 73,000miles on the odo), drove it as a daily driver for 2 years, and then kept it for doing house reno's/dump runs. Actual mileage is approx. 7000 miles higher than odo reading, as it broke on the previous owner, and the closest one he could find had 7g more then the original). Engine is 350 C.I.

The Good:
-Newer Heavy Duty Radiator/hoses/water pump (<5,000 miles)
-4 winter tires (<5,000 miles)
(front 2 Dunlop SP Winters P235/75R15, rear 2 Goodyear Ultragrips P235/75R15)
-Front rotors/pads/calipers, rear drums/shoes all brand new when I bought it (<15,000 miles)
-Power Steering/Brakes
-Alignment done not too long ago (<5000 miles)

The Bad:
-Carb problems. I installed a manual choke to help (which it does), but the carb is in serious need of a rebuild. Truck runs decent enough to get me to the dump and back, but it's also running way too rich (I was dumb enough to f%^& with the mixture screws when trying to adjust the carb, and now they're way out to lunch).
-Windshield will not pass safety.
-gate needs help with pliers to lock properly

The Ugly:

A Pictures worth 1000 words!

Asking Price : $750 obo

The way I see it, this truck is good for 2 things

1) You're doing home reno's this summer, and want a truck to go get stuff with
2) You have a similar truck, and need a new heavy duty rad, and brake calipers/rotors/drums, or the engine/transmission

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