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    Default DVD Burner Issue

    Alright, so I have a samsung S302B sata dvd/cd burner and last week it was burning a cd then completed and would not open up with the button or using eject in itunes or windows explorer so I had to open it with a paperclip. i put the cd it burned into my car and the last few songs are either blank or messed up. i figured it was fine since it was opening again so i burned another cd today, and every other song is blank. I tried it again with a different cd, many blanks songs but different blank ones this time. I just wanted to make sure that this burner is kaput so I can go get an lg one from memx to replace this annoying one. itunes and nero used to burn so I dont believe it is software related.

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    open it up and see if the lense is dirty or clean your pc up from dust and try again

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