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Thread: how to delete old vista

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    Default how to delete old vista

    i just reinstalled vista on my laptop, and im not sure if its like XP where you delete the other partition to get rid of it or if it self deletes the old partition.. So if anyone knows since theres ALOT of IT peoples on here to see if i need to delete it or if it goes away when installing the new vista

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    depending how you installed it. If during the install you selected to wipe the harddrive then old copy is gone, otherwise your computer is probably full of crap and should be done the right way as there is no way to clean out all the crap that comes along with it.

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    When you instal windows, with my disc it takes you into a place thingy where you can partition your disc,
    if you boot your computer from the windows disc you should be able to delete the partition or install windows on a new partition.

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