Gamers of Calgary is starting a new and competitive local team to play games such as Team Fortress 2, L4d, and CS. However to start, we will be focusing on TF2. So that being said if you live in Calgary and enjoy playing TF2 join the GOC steam group and we can start playing scrims, and public matches. Once GOC has enough members we are looking for a select few who want compete.

Does GOC have requirements?
To join GOC there are no requirements. It is open to anyone and everyone above the age of 16.

Does the GOC team for TF2 have requirements?
Well yes and no, to join the TF2 team you just have to be a committed player. You will be involved in scrims and practices but you will not necessarily be on the competitive team unless you are selected.

Does GOC have a server?
This is planned for the future; however, currently we will only purchase a server once we get a solid amount of players. Members of the team can donate to the GOC server through the GOC website ( ) using PayPal. All proceeds will go into the game server and future competitions.

Does GOC have a website?
GOC will eventually support a large variety of games and be competitive in many genres of gaming. This website will keep track of members, scrimmages, and competitions.

How can I sign up?
Itís easy you can join instantly by joining the GOC steam group and putting the tag {GoC} in front of your name then register with an account on the GOC website. Then send an email to [email protected] stating information such as (but not restricted to): Age, Gender, and how you would like to contribute to the GOC team).