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Thread: Residential Parking Permits

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    Question Residential Parking Permits

    I just bought a place that is on a residential parking only street. I know that I can get 2 parking permits for visitors, but what if I have more than 2 parties that want to visit. Am I able to get more parking permits for them, or are they SOL?

    What if I want to hold a big party? The area I'm in doesn't have any free parking or non-permitted streets available.

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    You get permits for as many vehicles as you own and that are registered to that address, plus two visitor permits. If you have any off street parking, use that for people without permits, and then park all the permit vehicles on the street.

    Also, permits are often not enforced except for weekday daytimes, as most places that have permit parking are because it's an area used by commuters who want to avoid parking downtown. So if this party is in the evening or on the weekend, you MIGHT be able to get away with it.

    I'm pretty that " a big party" isn't a reason to get more permits.
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    That is not a valid reason to request more permits. If you must hold the party during hours when parking is restricted, try asking your neighbors if you can borrow some of theirs? While you're at it, you might as well invite them over for the party. Never hurts to have neighbors that like you.
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